Monday, June 6, 2011

This Is Some How Worse

Being a strong, independent woman who chose not take my husband's last name when I got married, I find it sad and annoying when I find a headstone that say "MRS. LAST NAME" because we all know she had a name.  Why is it that they only put Mrs. Last Name?  I understand that there was a time in history where the woman, for the lack of a better description, was the husbands property but she had a name before she married why not bury her with it on her marker.

So the other day while I was photographing Antioch Cemetery in Morrow, AR I found a marker that is somehow worse than the ones that are Mrs. Last Name stones.

Coop Loftin's

Sadly I am unable to find her real name.


  1. Wow. I have never seen anything this crazy. I'm quite sensitive about this myself.

  2. Absolutely terrible. I am shocked!

  3. While there are lots of Loftin's mentioned in the cemetery records, no mention of his mother. I wonder why?