Monday, June 20, 2011

Ceramic Photos - 1930s

Located at Hill Crest Cemetery in Galena, KS
Otis Goberley
1897 - 1930

John C. Booe
Mar 30, 1873 - June 30, 1932

His full name was Rev. John Cutler Booe. He was married to Martha Buchanan Boone.  His WWI draft card describes him as 5'5", Blue eyes and brown hair. He was a reverend for eleven years. In that time he co-founded the Smelterhill Gospel Workers Church, a Pentecostal Church devoted to the mine workers, the poor and the elderly of the area. In 1901 he co-founded a branch for the same church in Joplin, MO. called First Gospel Workers of Joplin.

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