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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hand Made Memorial

I found this interesting marker at Wilson Cemetery in Lowell, AR.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Banks Family Group

I really like these stones.  These are very old stones for my area.  Located at Goad Springs Cemetery in Lowell, AR.

Hilkiah Banks
Born June 20, 1855
Died Mar 13, 1857
Note: The stone in the back is the foot stone.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Tale Of Frontier Justice - Rev. James Ingram Killed by John Stone

This sad little sign is all that remains of Ingram Cemetery in Lowell, AR.  Located in a little triangle of grass at the intersection of Primrose and Phillips. In the need for progress the county has paved over all the graves. The sign reads:


Rev. James Ingram 1826-1870
Shot in the back by John Stone

Francis Marion Easley 1832-1860

Easley Infant 1860-1861

Landers Male
circa 1869

Negro Slave
circa 1869 Murdered

Unknown Man of Quantrill

So of course I had to go in search of information as to what led to the shooting of James Ingram. This is were the tale of frontier justice will end. So you can figure out what happened to Rev. James Ingram. (A note: Jim Ingram and James Ingram are one in the same person.)

The story begins in 1864. Jim Ingram was a notorious Bushwhacker during the civil war. Sometime in 1864, Ingram came upon William Stone's home called him to come outside. Upon exiting the home Ingram shot Stone in the doorway. William's son John told Ingram he would find him and kill him one day. Ingram went to Texas at the end of the war. Returning to Arkansas six years later in 1870. Within days of Ingram returning, John Stone lived up to his word. He found Ingram and killed him.