Friday, June 17, 2011

Famous: Chief John Ross

Located at Ross Cemetery in Park Hill, OK.
John Ross died in Washington, D.C. in 1866 and was buried next to his wife in Delaware. In 1867 the Cherokee National Council had his body moved to Ross Cemetery.  Where this monument was erected in his honor.

Chief John Ross
Oct 3, 1790
Aug 1, 1866

Note: His Cherokee name was also known as Guwisguwi which means a mythological or rare migratory bird.
In Honor Of Service
In The War of 1812
John Ross

John Ross
Principle Chief
1828 - 1866 

In honor of one who
endured the forced removal
of the Cherokees in 1838 - 1839

The Trail of Tears Association
Oklahoma Chapter

John Ross served the Cherokee
people as Principal Chief for
38 years. From 1828 to 1866 He
led us through times of great
achievement and great sorrow.

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