Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battle Of Baxter Springs Memorial

The federal government originally planned to move the soldiers who died during the Battle of Baxter Springs to the Springfield National Cemetery, but the citizens of Baxter Springs started a petitioned to keep them in Baxter Springs. As part of the agreement to keep the burials in the city they donated land to the government and agreed to keep the graves in good order.

This monument was erected in 1886 and was fabricated by Mitchell Granite Works of Quincy, Massachusetts, costing $4,000.  It stands over 20 feet high and is topped by a marble statue of a Union soldier.

This monument is located at Baxter Springs Cemetery in Baxter Springs, Kansas.
This sign is located near the sidewalk that leads up to the monument.
It reads:
Civil War Tour
In 1870-71, the victims of the
attack on Fort Blair and the
Battle of Baxter Springs were
disinterred from a site near
the fort and reinterred in this
newly designed national
cemetery plot, officially
National Cemetery #2.

On the four sides of this monument are the following engravings.
Erected by the United States to the
memory of the officers and soldiers killed in
the Battle of Baxter Springs, October 6, 1863.
And other engagements in this vicinity, who are
buried near this monument, and whose names,
so far as known, are inscribed hereon.
Chaplin Ozem B. Gardner
13th Kansas Infantry
14th Kansas Calvary
T.B. Long
E.B. Sharp
J.A. Baker
Elias Way
G.W. Tracy
Jno. Welsh
Jesse Gay
D.S. Elliott
M.M. Stanly
Thos Kelly
W.T. Collins
Theo Tracy
Thos Martin
Thos. Morgan
Alex Miller
J.T. Cardwell
SGT. Theo Wade
Zimri Piercey
Henry Stuttee
SGT. Geo. Keith
Owen Donnelly
Dan’l Sullivan
CORPL W.G. Martin
79th U.S. C.T.
CORPL Bedford Green
3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
LIEUT. Lorenzo A. Dixon
LIEUT. Asa W. Farr
W.C. Clark
T.R. Leach
John Davis
Wm. Lloyd
Geo. W. Tice
F.A. Martin
Saml. Hart
Wm. Hopper
G.R. Kelley
David Beam
C.O. Howard
Jno. Zaynor
SGT. C.K. Bly
Jno. Wright
Jno. Cannon
Alfd. Green
Wm. Gifford
J.S. Russell
O.H. Shaffer
A.A. Bennett
Henry Pond
Lincoln Rice
P.T. Stimpson
Dennis Smith
Frank Guldin
Robt Murphy
Henry Brewer
Dennis McMary
Marion Record
James Dempsey
Jos. Burlingame
Stephen Gallea
Fredk. Mossinger
Martin Vanduzen
Francis Vancamp
Abraham Woodhull

Brigade Band
M. Muser
Jno. Fritz
Swartk Ouis
 SGT. T.L. Davis
Frank La Rue
Geo. Gemunder
Franz Balloun
Henry Pellage
SGT Henry Bulow
Frank Rossmaith
SGT J.P.M. Madison
CORPL Nathan Nott
CORPL Fredk. Simon
CORPL Theo. Luscher
J.R. O'Neil
Jos Regner
Chas Wood
Thos Clary
Geo. Holman
Jno. McClure
Remel Wood
J.C. Lowbower
Holas Cowery
Henry Remble
Martin Housel

2nd Kansas Battery
CORPL Van R Hancock
A.W. Gaines
Thos Larkin
Joseph Endicott
Cameron Garrett
9th Kansas Calvary
LIEUT A.T.T. Spencer
Geo A. Ela
J.M. Barrow
Peter Schafer
2nd Ohio Cavalry
Enoch Summers
Roman Winchell
83rd U.S. C.T.
Chas. Allen
9th Wisconsin Infantry
Ludwig Salzwedell
12th Kansas Infantry
Jno. Moore
15th Kansas Cavalry
CORPL W.J. Wallace

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