Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Horrible Accident for Russel Bird.

Russel M Bird
Dec 5, 1856
Aug 20, 1885
28 yrs 8 mos 15 days
Located at Salem Lutheran Cemetery in Springdale, AR.
If you look closely at this stone you can see a man beside a well with his hands on the rope for the bucket pulley. Sadly my pictures of this one are not the best. I went back 3 times and still could not get good pics. So I have tried to change the pic up so you can see it.

Oh what the heck I'll just draw you a picture.

It's not quite right but you get the idea.

So I'm guessing he either dug wells for a living or someone has a very morbid sense of humor. Here is why I say that. I was able to find a newspaper article on Mr. Bird's death.

Fayetteville Democrat

Fayetteville, AR
August 27, 1885

BYRD, Rus – A young man by the name of Rus Byrd was killed while blasting in a well near Springdale last Thursday. The blast was slow in going off and the young man, after waiting some time, descended into the well and was blown almost into fragments.

Well, I can say one thing. Newspapers back then did what photos and videos cameras do today. You get to see the sad carnage from horrible accidents whether you wanted to or not.


  1. What a dreadful accident, thank goodness the carving on the monument was the 'before' picture.....

  2. I'm often amazed at the gruesome detail contained in old newspaper articles, too. Nice drawing! :-)