Friday, September 24, 2010

Hobbies and Occupations - GYR Submission

Hobbies, Sports and Occupations are everywhere. Well, not exactly. I haven't found many in the older sections of the cemeteries but they are everywhere you turn in the newer sections. I wonder if this has anything to do with the change of priorities in peoples lives? Back hundreds of years ago the focus for most people was the church and family. And for the most part just surviving. Now its seems to be more focused on our careers and how we live. Or could it possibly be because carving is all done by machines now and doesn't require near as much skill as it did back when they had to make the markers by hand.

I will leave you to ponder this question.  But before I go here are a few examples I have found.


  1. Great post Tammi! I haven't seen many "occupational" stones. Most of the newer cemeteries I come across, have the flat flush-with-the ground metal plaques (boring!). I'll have to go back thru my pics and see if I have anything!

  2. Great post and display. What program did you use?

  3. I used Picasa3, the collage section then added the text afterwards.