Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who was murdered by ...

(Located at Basham Cemetery in Mountainburg, AR.)

Leonard H.
Son of
B.F. & R.E. Sims
Dec. 28, 1901
24 y's 1 MO.21D.

In loving memory of our beloved son. Who was murdered by a traitor and coward, whose name is not worthy to appear here.

(Unable to read the lower part of the stone)

Upon researching the name here is what I was able to find.

Perry Journal, Oklahoma, 26 Dec 1901: Chas McKnight, a gambler of Shawnee, shot and killed Leonard Sims and J.C. Hufstedler last Saturday night at Shawnee. Sims attacked McKnight with a knife when the latter drew a revolver and fired, the first shot killing Hufstedler, who was an innocent bystander. The second shot killed Sims. Self defense will be the plea of McKnight. It is said the quarrel started over a woman.

An interesting little tidbit of information, This epitaph is also on Jesse James' headstone.

I emailed the historical society in the area trying to find any other information but have had no response.


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