Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Resting Place Listed In The Book Weird Pennsylvania

(Located at Laurel Hill Cemetery In Philadelphia, PA.)

Resting in this plot is Alexander Evan Conway Milgrim. He was a 22 year old much loved young father whose family was perplexed with what kind of monument should be made to commemorate his life. So perplexed that it took them six years to finally have this marker placed on his grave site.  But this was not his original resting place.  He was buried in another area of Laurel Hill Cemetery for six years.  They had him moved to accommodate the size of this marker.

This marker is made of beautifully inlaid tiles to create a map showing  Europe and Africa on one side and America on the other. A red line traces the family's migration from northern Africa to the United States. 

My photograph does not do the monument justice. Its much prettier in person.

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