Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graveyard Rabbit Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun and this one was no different.  It gave me a reason to go back through my files and revisit some great spots. Here are the items I found.

1. Cross
Located at Mt. Washington Cemetery in Independence, Mo.
I love the Celtic knot work on this stone. 

2. Heart
Located at Eastlawn Cemetery in Springfield, MO.
I like this stone but sadly I see similar ones all to often.

3. Fraternal Symbol
Located at Forest Park Cemetery in Fort Smith, AR.
32 degree Scottish Rites Mason.  I have never seen it displayed this way.

4. Monument
Located at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.
Monument for William Warner. I have seen this monument in a number of books but nothing does it justice. It is an amazing piece of art.

5. Flower
Located at Bluff Cemetery in Sringdale, AR.
Grave items are always interesting to find.  It gives you a brief glimpse of a special moment between the living and the dead.

6. Hand
Located at Pierce City Cemetery in Pierce City, MO.
I love it when they make the simple hand more artsy.  

7. Angel
Located at St. Mary's Cemetery in Pierce City, MO.
This was one of many painted monuments in this cemetery.

8. Bird
Located at Gentry Cemetery in Gentry, AR.
I find the use of dead doves sad.

9. Tree
Located at Maple Park Cemetery in Springfield, MO.
I love the beautiful fall colors. Specially in the cemeteries.

10. Star
Located at Sheffield Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.
This was in the oldest Jewish Cemetery in Kansas City.  Also my first visit to a Jewish cemetery.

11. Obelisk
Located at Bluff Cemetery in Springdale, AR.

12. Four-legged animal
Located at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.
I just really like this photo.  It just seems so surreal.

13. Photo
Located at Prairie Grove Cemetery in Prairie Grove, AR.
At first when you see the picture you think this might be an older burial.  Then you realize the burial was in 1982.

14. Military gravestone
Located at Fairmount Cemetery in Gentry, AR.
I found this one very interesting because the marker is obviously proud of the military history of the person it belongs to.  I did some research and discovered he "deserted Nov. 1863". (taken from

15. Mausoleum
Located at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.
I love this one.  I was just wandering around and headed down these random stairs and found this beautiful mausoleum just neatly tucked back in this out of the way area. 

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  1. The first photo of the cross would make a very nice tatoo, don't you think? For some reason that was my first thought when I saw it. I think it is because of its Celtic nature.