Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Nearly Lost Cemetery - Old Holcomb Cemetery

Old Holcomb Cemetery in Springdale, AR.

This cemetery sits in a lot surrounded by houses on all sides and if you look between the houses you can see the High School. So it is not in a remote out of the way place.  It is mowed but as far as being maintained, its not.  According to the website Historic Washington County Arkansas an effort is underway by the Pendleton Chapter of Daughters of the American Colonists to have the City of Springdale "claim ownership of this cemetery so that it may be honorably preserved.."  But as of 2010 it continues to be forgotten.
Here are the few remaining stones that a friend and I photographed.

Margaret Atwood

Catherine Holcomb

Martha Holcomb

Margaret Smiley


N.P. Norman
Photo by Theresa Lundberg

Frances Smiley
Photo by Theresa Lundberg

Tabitha Smiley
Photo by Theresa Lundberg

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  1. I am a descendant of the original owner, John Holcombe, who set aside this 2.5 acre cemetery when he sold the larger piece of the property. He is known as a founder of Springdale and his son, Jo Holcomb, platted the first streets and named Holcomb and Emma Street in honor of the family and a step-daughter, Emma Dupree Deaver. Our family wishes for the pioneers and children buried here to receive honor and respect in their burial site, even though the stones are long gone due to mowing and lack of supervision over this cemetery. The stones pictured here are just a few of the many names that were recorded as having been buried on this land. Please contact joheiliger@gmail.com or Shiloh Museum, if you have an interest in this cemetery.