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Update: Leonard Sims

I orginally posted in June 2010 Leonard Sims' headstone.

This week I recieved an email from Lawana whos great uncle was Leonard Sims.  She was so kind to provide the following information.
Leonard Sims was from Mountainburg, Arkansas and he purchased and operated the Silver King Saloon in Shawnee, OK. Leonard, Anne Long and her mother, Eula Long were having dinner when Charles McKnight came in and started cussing. This made Leonard very mad because you just didn't do that around women in 1901. Later on that night, about 11 p.m. he went to confront McKnight at the Betts Saloon where he was a Faro dealer. Sims attacked McKnight with a knife slashing him across the arm. McKnight drew a revolver, Sims grabbed it but Mcknight was able to pull the trigger. The shot passed through Sims' hand and struck James Hufstedler in the heart, killing him. Mcknight was able to free the gun from Sims and fired a second time. This shot struck Sims over the left eye killing him.

Lawana's grandfather Jesse, Leonard's brother, was there and saw the fight. Leonard was going to make him a partner at the Silver King Saloon in February when he turn 18. Jesse put Leonard's body on a train to be sent back to Arkansas. But he did not return with the body. Their father, Benjamin, and two other family members traveled to Shawnee and sold everything leaving Jesse out complete. After Mcknight was tired in court and acquitted the Sims family stood by watching one stormy night and just as lightning struck Jesse said "There is that son-of-bitch."  And with tears on his checks he made a sign of cutting from ear to ear. 
I was able to find the following information on

Information for Leonard Sims.
1880 United States Federal Census about Leonard Sims
Name: Leonard Sims
Home in 1880: Upper, Crawford, Arkansas
Age: 2
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878
Birthplace: Arkansas
Relation to Head of Household: Son
Father's Name: Benjamin Sims
Father's birthplace: Missouri
Mother's Name: Rachel Sims
Mother's birthplace: Alabama
Occupation: At Home
Marital Status: Single
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members: Name Age
Benjamin Sims   45
Rachel Sims   29
Jane Sims  11
William Sims   9
Laura A. Sims   7
Martha A. Sims   5
Leonard Sims   2

1900 United States Federal Census about Leonard H Simms
Name: Leonard H Simms
Home in 1900: Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
Age: 21
Birth Date: Nov 1878
Birthplace: Arkansas
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relationship to head-of-house: Bar Keep
Father's Birthplace: California
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Household Members: Name Age
Vol E Sayers   38
Harry Dreyfus   27
James Christopher   10
Charlie Mazzio   50
Henry Flynn   Unkn
Idella Gales   Unkn
May Brotherton   24
Lou Bullad   22
Frank Rhodes   Unkn
Walter L Dilworth   Unkn
A A Keappler   Unkn
William F Hanna   Unkn
William Irwin   Unkn
Leonard H Simms   21

Information for Charles McKnight.
1930 United States Federal Census about Charles P Mcknight
Name: Charles P Mcknight
Home in 1930: Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
Age: 52
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Eula B Mcknight
Race: White
Household Members: Name Age
Charles P Mcknight   52
Eula B Mcknight  44

1920 United States Federal Census about Charles V Mcknight
Name: Charles V Mcknight
[Charles V Mc Knight]
[Charles P Mcknight]
Home in 1920: Shawnee Ward 2, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
Age: 42
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878
Birthplace: Texas
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name: Eula B Mcknight
Father's Birth Place: Arkansas
Mother's Birth Place: Arkansas
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Own
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Household Members: Name Age
Charles V Mcknight   42
Eula B Mcknight   38
Morris C Mcknight   14

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 about Charles Parks Mcknight
Name: Charles Parks Mcknight
County: Pottawatomie
State: Oklahoma
Birth Date: 1 Sep 1876
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1852124
DraftBoard: 0

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