Thursday, January 6, 2011

They Used Their Rocks

If you are unfamiliar with the Crawford County area in Arkansas, I will tell you this they sure can grow the rocks.  And since the rocks are readily available the sure used them.  I found more field stone markers and rock cairn in the few cemeteries I have visited the any other place I've been.

Located at Salem Cemetery in Cedarville, AR.
Resident is unknown. In the style of a cradle grave.

 Residents unknown. In the style of Rock Cairns.

 Residents unknown. In the style of Rock Cairns.

Resident unknown. In the style of a comb grave.

In the Style of a slot and tab grave.
Melvin G
Son of J & A. Speir
Dec 30, 1856
Sept 27, 1870

Located at Oliver Cemetery in Hobbtown, AR.
Residents unknown.  I these are a mix of rock cairns and box tombs.

Theses Next few are in the style of cradle graves. 
Nathan Shipley
May 27, 1827
Feb 22, 1863

Elizabeth Shipley
July 21, 1831
Oct 1, 1882

Son of
J.F. & N.T. Neal
Aug 23, 1879
Sept 26, 1880

Bertha Greenwood
Dau of
J.F. & N.T. Neal
May 29, 1883
June 25, 1884

In this picture you can see how close William and Bertha's graves are. William's is the one in the lower left corner (you can only see the corner of it). And Bertha's is the one in the middle ground.  There is another grave in the tall rocked in area it the back ground.

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  1. I see a lot of graves like this with bricks in my hometown of Columbus, GA.