Saturday, January 29, 2011

Famous File: Thomas Montague Gunter

Located at Evergreen Cemetery in Fayetteville, AR.
Thomas Montague Gunter
Born Warren Tenn
1824 - 1904
Col. C.S.A.
Member of the U.S. Congress
1872 - 1882

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Marcella J
Wife of
T.M. Gunter
Mar 17, 1830
Dec 17, 1858

Note: Thomas married Marcella Jackson in Louisiana, Mo., December 4, 1854. Originally buried at Mount Comfort Cemetery but was moved to Evergreen.

Infant Dau of
T.M. & M.J.

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  1. I have an Ancestor who served in the Union Army directly opposing this man... fighting against him in many battles. About 22 yrs after the War, my ancestor was brought up on murder charges when the old Confederates finally gained power back, controlling the local and state government. This man stepped up to defend his old enemy and my Ancestor was acquitted by jury trial. he must have been one heck of an attorney! Nice post. Thank you!