Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Largest Zinc Monument I Have Ever Seen - Gregg Monument

This is one of the largest Zinc monuments I have ever seen.  It is atleast 15 to 20 feet tall.  It's in incredible shape.  The Zinc markers hold up to practically everything.  Sadly the overcast day makes the coloring on this marker look more gray but it is actually a grey green color.

Located at Evergreen Cemetery in Fayetteville, AR.

Kights Templar Emblem

Alfred W.
Oct 28th. 1853,
And Died
Aug 23d. 1880 
A.W. Gregg
A University Graduate, An Attorney
With A Bright Future, Called Away In
Early Manhood.
Footboard for Alfred.

Born Feb 6, 1825
Died Nov 1, 1891

Mary A Gregg
Born Apr 3, 1832
Died Oct 11, 1901
L. Gregg
Was Col 4th Regt Arks Fed'l Cavl;y Vols.
War of  1861 And Judge Of The State
Chancery Court And State Supreme
Lafayette Gregg
Mary A. Shreve
Were Married Dec 21st 1852
And They Have 4 Sons And 2 Daughters.
Footboard for Mary A. Gregg

Click here to see the house they lived in.

Dear Alice, Death's First Claim On The
Sweet Babe Lost To Us And A Little Seraph Added
To The Hosts Of Heaven.


  1. It is indeed in superb condition for its age - I wonder how zinc holds up in Scotland? Having seen the way our weather erodes the local sandstone I have opted for granite :-) when the time comes, that is! Jo

  2. Awesome job. Having seen it is person when you took the pics, I can say you did a great job on the pics and I enjoyed the added info.

  3. imagespast - not sure about Scotland but all the ones I have found in Arkansas and Missouri they are all pretty much still perfect. But they only produced them for a short amount of time.

  4. I think most hold up real well. Vandalism aside. I've seen many here in Kansas and a few in the New York area last summer.

    Great find indeed. I sure wish we could find some old catalogs on these.