Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Unsolved Accident?

Located at Elm Springs Cemetery in Elm Springs, AR.
This is the family plot marker.

1880 - 1919

Benton County Record

Bentonville, AR
December 26, 1919

SHERMAN, Walter - Walter Sherman, prominent farmer living near Elm Springs, died at his home early Christmas morning from a fractured skull. What caused the blow which resulted in this death has been left a mystery, with no clue. Mr. Sherman and his wife and daughter had just driven home from the Christmas exercises at the church and after putting his car away, and the family having gone into the house, he went into the barn to turn out his horses and mules. As he did not return to the house immediately his daughter stepped out and called him. Hearing his gasping and attempting to speak, she went to him with her mother and the two helped him into the house. He was bleeding freely from a small wound in the side of his head and a physician pronounced the skull broken. He lived only a few hours. Supposing that one of the mules must have kicked him Mrs. Sherman asked him but he replied in a negative, but could say nothing more as to how he received the wound. Burial took place Saturday at the Elm Springs cemetery. Among the relatives present were his brothers, Rev. Will Sherman of Jonesboro and Rev. Jefferson Sherman of Earle, Ark. and former pastor here in Bentonville.

His wife rests next to him.
1881 - 1961


  1. Oh Er.......
    I wonder what really DID happen?

    1. How can they say accident when it's unsolved cause of death?I guarantee that isn't what took place that say and the cover up nobody will ever really know.