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My Famous File: Archibald Yell

Located at Evergreen Cemetery in Fayettville, AR.
Born in North Carolina, Aug.
1797. A Volunteer in the
battle of New Orleans.
District Judge of Ark.
Territory, 1832. First member
of Congress from the
State Government, 1840.
Elected to Congress again, '44/
Resigned and accepted
Colonelcy of Ark Vols.
During the Mexican War 1846.
Killed at Buena Vista Feb.
22, 1847. A gallant soldier,
an upright judge, fearless
champion of poplar
rights, a sincere friend
and an honest man. 

Note: First he was buried near the battlefield at Saltillo in a tin coffin encasing the wood, remained there only five months then he was disinterred and brought back to Arkansas where he was buried in the family cemetery at Waxhaws. but that was not his final resting place. The Masonic Lodge disinterred all the bodies from this cemetery and reentered in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fayetteville in 1881.
In Honor of Service
In the War of 1812
Archibald Yell

You can read more about Archibald yell at the following links.
The Governors of Arkansas: Essays in Political Biography By Timothy Paul Donovan

The Life of Archibald Yell By MELINDA MEEK

 to the memory of
Ann Yell
who departed this life
Oct 7th 1835
aged 32 years.

Note: Ann Jordan Moore was Archibald's second wife. They had three daughters—Artemesia, Jane, and Elizabeth—and a son, DeWitt Clinton.

D.W.C. Yell
Born Oct 15, 1831
Died May 15, 1861

Mary C. Daughter of
D.W.C. & C.M. Yell
Born Jan 1, 1859
Died Aug 1, 1864

Note: DeWitt Clinton Yell, son of Archibald, became a Fayetteville lawyer but died just before the Civil War.

to the memory of
Maria Yell
who departed this life
Oct 14th 1838
aged 33 years

Note: Archibald's third wife,  Maria (McIlvaine) Ficklin, but they had no children. Mary Ficklin was the widow of  Judge Thomas Ficklin who had been an early political leader from Lawrence County.

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