Wednesday, October 20, 2010

William Emlem Cresson

Another find while I was in Philadelphia, PA.  It was so hard to take pics on this day (8/10/09), it was so hazy and I am not used to photographing during this type of condition so my pics arn't the best. But I think you can still appreciate the beauty of this bronze monument.

Located at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.

A promising young artist, William Cresson entered the Pennsylvania Academy at age 17 in 1860 and also became a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, serving as secretary in 1863 and 1864. He died at age 25, and his wealthy parents gave the bulk of their fortune to the Academy to endow the Cresson Traveling Scholarship in honor of their son so that other artists could travel to get exposure to art. (Source: William Patterson & David Zellin, "Thomas Eakins and His Fellow Artists at the Philadelphia Sketch Club")

William Emlen Cresson
Only Child of
Emlen and Priseilla P. Cresson
Born March 15, 1843
Died August 5, 1868
A Lover of Art

Sadly he has lost his foot in the years he has been sitting here.
I am still wondering what is up with his hand.  It appears to be such an awkward position.

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  1. He was at one point holding a paintbrush and palette, hence the position of the hands. They were lost over time.

    Lovely photos!