Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Woman Doctor in Arkansas

Dr. Pearl Tatman resting in the IOOF Cemetery in Eureka Springs, AR.
Dr. Albert E

Dr Pearl

Dr. Pearl Tatman, the first woman doctor in Arkansas, built her house in the late 1880s. Dr. Tatman lived in the charming three bedroom Victorian until her death in the 1940s.

It has been said that she died in bed leaving on her feather pillow a crown of feathers ... a sign that she is now an angel watching over all who visit the house.
Here is more historical information from the "Ladies Exhibit" Board Text:

'No person in the history of Eureka Springs is so revered in remembrance as the woman usually called 'Doc Pearl'.
Pearl Hale came to the health resort in the 1890's, a young, unmarried woman who had already received her medical training. She began the practice of medicine as physician and surgeon, setting up an office in the Duncan block on Spring Street, and soon became almost indispensable to the people of Eureka Springs who sought her help.

In a time when young women did not enter into professions and most were trained simply to be wives, mothers and homemakers, Pearl Hale shone as a courageous individual. In time she added home and marriage to her busy life through being married to Dr. Albert Tatman. Their lovely home 'Cozy Corners' was one of the most gracious centers of social life and both took part in the literary and drama society. They adopted an orphan baby girl whom they named Daisy.
Pearl Hale Tatman devoted her life to the people of Eureka Springs and served them well for more than half a century, continuing the practice of medicine long after Albert's death, until advanced age brought her career to an end. (Doc Pearl passed away in 1944 and left her home in town, now named in her honor, to Daisy).

The most repeated word used in praising Doctor Pearl was "saintly", and there is little doubt that it was truly appropriate.

Her Home is a bed and breakfast now in Eureka Springs, AR. You can view it at:

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