Friday, October 8, 2010

Christian Chistopher Sager

Located at Pace Chapel Cemetery in Garfield, AR.
Christian Christopher
Christian was born 30 June 1813 in
Sabbenhausen, Lippe - Detmold, Prussia
(Germany). He was baptises 4 July 1813
in the Evanfelical (Lutheran) church
as Christoph Christian Sager
He was the son of Friedrich and
Dorothea (Maris) Saeger.
He came to the United States of America
in 1836 and to Benton County
Arkansas in 1837.  The year after statehood.
Christian married Winifred Matney in 1845.
They had three sons. WInifred died in 1853.
He married Macy Cook in 1856
at War Eagle Arkansas,
They had three sons and two daughters.
Their younger daughter Louvina J Sager
Married Robert P Pace (Graves Nearby)
Chritians older brothers were
Simon Sager of Siloam Springs (Hico), Arkansas
and Henry Carl Sager of Kansas City (Westport)
Missouri. Christian was a renowned furniture
maker and owned a store and water-powered
sawmill on Praire creek at its confluence with
White River.  His business partner was his cousin
Frederick Greene, also from Prussia.
Christian died 13 February 1872 at Praire Creek,
Arkansas.  Sager and Greene were buried near
their mill.  The graves were relocated in 1961
prior to the inundation by Beaver Lake.
Ledger placed - 2009

Here is some info I found on him:
Greene & Sager Bedstead
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  1. Thanks for this Tammi, it cetainly is interesting, especially as I have a very dear friend who currently lives very near to where Christian Sager was born. Her family also had a furniture making business there several generations back and I wonder if the families would have known of each other.
    I shall have to make enquiries.

  2. As I was researching where my great great Grandfather was born in Germany I came across your picture of his grave site. More information about Christian could be found from family that still lives around that area. Some of his furniture can be found at the museum in Rogers, Arkansas. R. E. Sager

  3. To R.E. Sager I would love to find out more info on him. I will see if I can find some relatives of his. If you would like to provide any please feel free to email me at