Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Revolution Veteran - Vinet Fine

This is My first Revolution War Veteran. I was so excited to find him even if it is a Cenotaph.
Located at Newberry Cemetery in Alma, AR.
Vinet Fine
1755 - 1783
American Revolution
1776 - 1781

Born in Virginia 1755, son of Phillip Peter Fine. Both fought along with 4 of Vinet's brothers in the American Revolution 1776-1781. Descendants of Dutch Settlers New York (New Netherland at the time 1609- 1664) Vinet and brothers moved to Newport, Tenn. 1781 where Vinet was killed by indians 1783. His body was placed under ice in what is now Fines Creek North Carolina. His body was not recovered and he never had a proper burial. This monument was erected in his memory. He is ancestor to all Fines and all Fine relatives in this cemetery.

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