Friday, October 29, 2010

I Find This Sad

Guss Brown
1879 - 1937

I always think "how sad" when I see one of these place markers for someone that has never had a marker to replace it.  This one has been in since 1937.  Wonder why no one gave him a proper marker? But at least he has a great spot under a nice big tree.


  1. It is sad. I once found a flat bronze plate that was adhered to the ground, with what I believe was cement, in a paupers section. The plate was about 3x5 and the deceased's name was scratched into the plate along with his years of birth and death.

  2. I think it is sad, also. I noticed the death date was in the 1930's, I wonder if the depression played a role in no marker. I have a few unmarked graves in my tree. Luckily, they are in cemeteries and the cemetery office was able to help. They even said they would sell us a headstone if we would like to purchase one!