Friday, August 26, 2011

Interesting Old Building - Pyeatte Mill Revisited

I visited the Pyeatte Mill back in March 2011 and posted my original photos.  I revisited it this week just to see what all the heavy rain and flooding did to it.  Sadly the flooding did some damage to this interesting old mill.


  1. That is the recent (last 20 Yrs) rebuilding of the original structure. The old structure had fallen in and people had helped themselves to the sandstone blocks. I guess they ran out of funds before they were able to finish it, but they were working off the original foundation and photos of the original.
    You really cannot gauge the size of the mill wheel until you see it in person. It is still very heavy even with the years of rust. The force it took to move and bend that is amazing.
    I lived a few miles from there for many years, and even when Canehill was flooded the few times while I lived there, the wheel did not budge. My driveway disappeared, but the wheel was always the same.

  2. Thanks! I was happy with the photos. This place gave me a creepy feeling while I was there so I didn't stick around too long.

  3. wow, it's so beautiful. great photos.