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Famous: Orval Eugene Faubus - National Symbol For Racial Segregation

Located at Combs Cemetery in Combs, AR.
Orval Eugene Faubus
Jan 7, 1910 - Dec 14, 1994
320th Infantry, 35th Division
World War Two
Governor of Arkansas
Jan 11, 1955 - Jan 10, 1963
When I come to this, my last earthly resting place may it be said of me
In the rise from obscurity he served his country and the people well. He forsook
not his own kind. The common people he delt fairly with all men. His promises
were kept, his debts were paid.

There was also a little garden place near the front of the cemetery with this memorial in it.
Orval E. Faubus
Memorial Garden 
Orval E. Faubus
Served as Governor
of Arkansas
January 11, 1955
January 10, 1967
Forty acres of land was
donated to the Combs Cemetery
by former Governor Orval E
Faubus which includes the
now existing cemetery.
This generous donation to the
beautiful Combs Cemetery
will insure a resting place
for many for years to come.
Citizens interested in the
Combs Cemetery convey the
deep appreciation for this
generous contribution.

The Faubus Family
In Memory of
Farrell E. Faubus
Apr. 5, 1939 - Jun 16, 1976
The son of Governor Orval
And Alta Haskins Faubus

Note: He committed suicide after a lengthy battle with drug addiction.

Jane Hines Faubus
Jan 23, 1943 - Apr 6, 1996

Note: 3rd wife of Orval Faubus.

Infant sons of
Orval E. and Alta M.
Oct 1, 1932    and    Mar 27, 1934
Rosebuds unopened; Hope
and promise unfilled.

Note: Celia Alta Haskins was Orval's first wife.  The marriage ended in divorce in 1969.

John Samuel
Oct 24, 1887 - Aug 24, 1966
He did his share
of the world's work.

Note: Orval's father.

Addie Joslen
Oct 10, 1892 - Jan 26, 1936
Mother of seven.
The eldest became
Governor of Arkansas

Note: Orval's mother.

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  1. What an interesting history lesson! Monuments and epitaphs are often so brief and "sanitized" that it's easy to forget how much history is hidden in cemeteries and how turbulent much of it was. Thanks for posting!