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Evelyn Briggs Baldwin (Arctic Explorer) and Elias Briggs Baldwin (Huntsville Massacre)

Located at Oswego Cemetery in Oswego, KS
Arctic Explorer, American meteorologist and lecturer - Evelyn Briggs Baldwin was born in Springfield, MO on July 22, 1862 to Elias Briggs and Julia C. Crampton Briggs. He died in Washington, D.C. after being struck by a passing motorist in Washington, D.C. on Oct 26, 1933. From 1892 – 1900 he was a member of the United Nations Meteorological office. During the years 1898-99 acting as second in command, he accompanied Walter Wellmen’s first American polar expedition to the archipelagos. During this expedition he discovered and explored Graham Bell Island. In 1901, he became the leader of a North Pole expedition funded by W. Ziegler, an American millionaire. He later became a famous lecturer and also held minor post in the U.S. Government from 1918 – 1933.

Evelyn Briggs
So of E.B. and Julia C.
July 22, 1862
Oct 25, 1933
Arctic Explorer
O.W. Ball
Mar 18, 1869
May 31, 1941
Julia A. Ball
Aug 15, 1870
Oct 13, 1962

Who's who in New York City and State, Volume 4  By John William Leonard, Lewis Randolph Hamersly, Frank R. Holmes

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You can view more information on Evelyn b. Baldwin at the following links.
June 17, 1834
March 26, 1921
Capt. Co. C 36th
Ill Vol Inft
Lieut.  Col. 8th
Mo. Vol. Cav
Lydia A. Gibbs Baldwin
Second wife
Aug 28, 1837
Bridgeton, ME
Sept 5, 1924

Elias B. Baldwin was arrest and charged with "violation of the 6th Article of War for the murder of prisoners of war" after he and his company execution 8 men, the ninth man survived but was shot in the back of the head with the bullet going through his head, at what became known as the Huntsville Massacre. Reasons for the executions are still unknown. But charges were dropped due to the lack of witnesses. And then he was discharged from service.

Information on Elias Briggs and the Huntsville Massacre can be found at the following links:

Note:  I have found a number of sites that state Elias Briggs Baldwins death date is 1893.  I think 1893 is incorrect because his headstone has 1921 and Ancestry has census records from 1920 that have him listed. And also Civil War Records has his death date as 1921.
1920 United States Federal Census about Elis B Baldwin
Name: Elis B Baldwin
[Elias B Baldwin]
Home in 1920: Oswego, Labette, Kansas
Age: 85
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1835
[abt 1834]
Birthplace: New York
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name: Lydia A Baldwin
Father's Birth Place: New York
Mother's Birth Place: New York
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Elis B Baldwin 85
Lydia A Baldwin 82

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles about Elias Briggs Baldwin
Name: Elias Briggs Baldwin
Occupation: Physician
Age at enlistment: 28
Enlistment Date: 8 Jan 1862
Rank at enlistment: Lieut Colonel
State Served: Missouri
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Commissioned an officer in Company S, Missouri 8th Cavalry Regiment on 01 Aug 1862.
Mustered out on 24 Jun 1863.
Birth Date: 17 Jun 1834
Death Date: 26 Mar 1921
Death Place: Oswego, KS
Sources: Index to Compiled Military Service Records
Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force 1861-1865
Research provided by HDS subscriber
History of Labette County, Kansas 1901

Burton L
Son of E.B. and Julia C.
Sept 23, 1865
Oct 24, 1938
Milton N
Son of E.B. and Julia C.
Dec 24, 1863
Oct 23, 1935
Lucy Bryant
His Wife
June 26, 1865
May 24, 1930
Buried in Princton. Ill.

Edwin Miles
Son of E.B. and L.A.
July 22, 1868
May 14, 1890
Julia Anna
Dau of
E.B. and L.A.
Aug 15, 1870

Wife of O.W. Ball
Julia C.
Dau of Nathaniel and
Lucy Dudley
June 1 , 1840
Nov 24, 1866
First wife of

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