Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Symbol: Red Cross Nurse

General when I find a symbol on a headstone identifying the person as nurse it is almost always the caduceus either with a LN (Licensed Nurse) or and RN (Registered Nurse).

So when I seen this one my first though was cool they went old school style. But come to find out this is what is called the Red Cross Nurses badge.

History of the Red Cross Nurse
The red cross symbol of first aid represents an international humanitarian movement that began in Switzerland during the late 19th century and influenced the creation of the "American Red Cross." Volunteers and nurses were first recruited to assist people in their homes with hygiene and care for the sick at a time when there was a growing demand for medical services. Nearly 100,000 Red Cross nurses volunteered to provide aid during World War I and II. The nursing service now responds to issues of health and safety, disaster response and civilian blood programs. (, May 12, 2011)

American Red Cross Nursing
War World I

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