Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nearly Gone - Baptist Cemetery Aka Old Baptist

I recently visited Baptist Cemetery aka Old Baptist in Siloam Springs Arkansas that is nearly gone. The cemetery itself sits in the side yard of someones house.  It is mowed but not exactly maintained. From the little information I can find on this cemetery there are some 40 to 50 headstones missing. The following are the stones that are left.

This shows an aerial view of Hico Cemetery and Baptist. I only have one question, why would they fix up Hico but not touch Baptist.  I find this odd.

Baptist Cemetery
Those who will not pass
This way again
They had faith in God
And have left hope in us.

There is one fenced plot that has a number of stone inside of it.  
The fenced plot is in the group of trees.  This photo shows how close it sits to a house.

Annie C. Alfrey
Jan 2, 1835 - Mar 12, 1890

Susan M. Alexander
Jun. 17, 1855 - Sep. 8, 1885
Wife of G.H.

(Sadly that is all that is still legible.)

Mary A. Edmond
Wife of John
Apr 2, 1822 - Apr 20, 1887

Edward Gibbs
Nov. 18, 1834 - Jul. 16, 1884

Bertha Herron
Dec 6 1886 - Nov 5, 1891
Cora B Hinton
Wife of L.N.
Apr 17, 1859 - Jul 13, 1885

Wife of O.T Moore
Aug 15, 1864 - May 29, 1886
(I believe this to be A.P. Moore)

Vida Moore
Dau of O.T. & A.P
Apr 6, 1889 - Aug 14, 1889




Esta J. White
Dau of F & Kate
Apr. 25, 1883 - Aug. 29, 1883

I have found a few partial lists of others who reside in this cemetery but these are unconfirmed.  The partial lists are from Find A Grave and Ancestry.

Allen, Infant

Breedlove, Clara

Chastain, Infant - died 1867 dau of Anna Sager Chastain & John Thomas Chastain

Clements, Nancy - born 1811 wife of John

Epperson, Angelica

Fuller, Ann (Gerhard)

Holland, William Jasper - Aug 16, 1845 – May 15, 1888

Holland, Colene – Oct 24, 1883 – Sept 15, 1884 Dau of William & Anna

Williams, James Ambrose

Bryant, Sara Jane

Holcolm, Roda

Simons, B

Martin, Male unknown

Martin, Female unknown

Thomas, Joe

Thomas, Mary

Whiteside, Jacob – 1812 – 1865 son of William Franklin Whiteside and Elizabeth Grayson Whiteside. Husband of Jane H. Smart


If you have any further information on this cemetery please let me know.


  1. Fascinating report, Tammi. What a shame the cemetery isn't loved!

    1. Hico was the remains of a cemetery that was obliterated by a home owner who threw the stones over the side of the bluff on Sager Creek. Kids found the stones and descendants of the Sager family created the monument on the site of the old Baptist Church. Hico is just a monument to the actual cemetery which is not accurately located but may be near or under dwellings to the north or the south, or perhaps under the city property.