Thursday, May 26, 2011

The G.A.R. Monument

This is the Grand Army of the Republic Monument at Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, OK.

On all four sides stands this sentries who watch over the graves of those resting around this monument. 

Along the bottom are the following plaques. 
Deep, tender, firm and true, our nation's heart
throbs for her gallant heroes passed away
who, in grim battle's drama, played their part
and slumber here today.

Here is no rank or station - - No high or low estate.
The famous and the are not famous or lowly here.
Every grave is hallowed alike, not for fame, wealth or
wisdom, but for what they and all patriots have done, from
Valley Forge to Heartbreak Ridge, Under the American Flag,
for freedom and the myriad of wonders that are America.
Edward Denton Brewer

In Memory of
The illustrious men of Tulsa count who
gave their lives for their country in the
World War 1917 - 1918
July 16, 1927
American Legion

This graceful spire pointing heavenward, with its four
stone sentries standing guard over the graves of our
honored dead, is the symbol of our gratitude to all our
heros of all American wars.
It keeps fresh in our memories the glorious spirit of
all those boys and girls who left their homes and peaceful
pursuits to fight and die for our country.
Carson-Wilson Post No.1 of the American Legion

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  1. Now that is what I call an impressive War Memorial. Really good photographs, too!