Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Ravens and Crows Came To Visit

Call me weird but I love seeing Ravens and Crows in the cemeteries.

There are many beliefs about Ravens in cemeteries and their association with death. Just google Ravens or Crows in cemeteries and you will find tons of information.  For example: The crow is said to carry the spirit of the dead to the after-life. Many old pagan beliefs teach us to watch the crows and ravens in cemeteries as they are considered the messengers of  "Morrigan", mistress of the underworld.  Also, in Welsh folklore tells us the raven is an omen of death.  If the raven makes a choking sound, it is a portent of the death rattle.

These are just a few of many associated with these beautiful creatues that I often see in my cemetery travels.  So next time you see them you might want to consider why they are there visiting the cemetery.

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