Monday, November 8, 2010

Orbs? Ghost? I wonder...

Located at Chester Cemetery in Chester, AR.

This was the only photo out of 200+ photos I took at this cemetery that theses orbs showed up.  It can not possibly be dust because it had just finished raining and everything was wet. So I wonder what it is.
James Nathan Cradduck
Dec 29, 1878
Nov 14, 1943


  1. Yep, that's an orb. Lucky you. I've never had an orb in a cemetery photo yet - but we've had them on family photos, in particular group shots. Very cool. :)

  2. Cool pic Tammi...I've had that happen when I've been out on my cemetery jaunts. 100's of pictures, yet only one, MAYBE two have these neat little orbs! I recently got several bright blue ones at the Insane Asylum - my last trip during the evening! Very cool and very pretty blue!

  3. I tend to believe they are indeed orbs since both you and I experienced some odd sensations in the cemetery. Dizziness and the inability to get a full breath. For a few minutes there, I was having trouble seeing. Not like we did much walking. It is a rather small cemetery. Felt much better the farther away we got from there.
    Call me crazy, but if I am, you are too!

  4. Well done, the largest Orb is especially well defined - don't you just love that when it happens! and as Theresa has just said, those other sensations you feel - like being watched when you're the only one there or the heavy breathless thing, are just more ways of Spirit working with energy and letting you know 'Hello, we're here..'
    It's so sad that we are taught by society to disbelieve and deny stuff as we grow up. But I figure that it's just 'another opinion' and I know that what I experience is my own reality.
    Sorry I got on a roll there........

  5. I too agree that that maybe a orbs.. Oh my God, i'm scared..

  6. This is my grandfathers grave I was looking for something else in pictures on google and ran across this. How interesting this is the first time I have seen his grave stone.

  7. @anonymous a friend and I photographed the whole whole cemetery and there are 5 other Cradducks buried there as well. If you would like to see those stones also you can view them at