Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Killed by Accident"

This is the oldest marked grave at Love Cemetery. Sadly the stone had to be replaced with an exact duplicate because of vandalism in 1995.

(Located at Love Cemetery in Dean Springs, AR)

Husb. of
Elizabeth Ford
Killed on Mill Creek
through mistake
Apr. 23, 1870
45 Years

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - FROM VAN BUREN PRESS MAY 3, 1870 - PAGE 3, COL 3 RE: MOSES FORD DEATH Area Covered: Crawford County, Arkansas "Mysteries - We learn that Mr. Moses Ford, living in the neighborhood of Fraziers Gin in this county, was found some ten miles from his home, shot through the head. It seems that on Saturday morning, a week ago, he started with a neighbor from home to go and look after his hogs, which ranged some ten miles from his residence. Saturday night they camped and on Sunday morning both started out in different directions and towards night the neighbor came into camp and remained all night, and Ford not coming in, made a limited search and came back home and reported the circumstance, when a large party started on Tuesday morning, and in an half hour after the camp was reached, Ford was tracked to the place where he was found shot through the head. The supposition is that he was sitting on a stone resting against a young tree, with his gun across his lap, when a stray shot from some gunner (as there were several hunting that day in the neighborhood) struck him in the forehead and killed him instantly. Mr. Ford was a good and inoffensive citizen, and is not known to have an enemy in the whole settlement."
Articles from a later date show that Moses was actually murdered by a man by the name of A. Frick.

A. Frick was then tracked down and killed by Ed Hassett who was with an armed party that included Bake Meadows, John F. Meadows, Abe Corder, Jack Rogers, Marion Roads, Rans Rowls, John Gaston and several others not named.

Moses Ford was killed April 23, 1870 and is buried in an area adjacent to his homestead, now known as Love Cemetery in the Dean Springs,AR located in Crawford County.

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