Monday, March 14, 2011

What to do with all these photographs?

This was a question I started asking myself after I had accumulated a few thousand photos. I didn't want to just delete them since I had gone through all the work of taking them. And I knew that at some point someone somewhere would be interested in seeing at least one of them.

So I started showing off all my interesting finds on my Graveyard Rabbit Blog ( But that still left me with a ton of photos that were unused. So I started searching the internet for sites that where used as photo preservation sites for cemeteries. This is how I discovered the Arkansas Gravestone Project, since I live in Arkansas and the majority of my photos are from cemeteries in Arkansas this was a perfect site for my pictures.

The Arkansas Gravestone Project is a privately sponsored, non-commercial, non profit, educational site, who's success depends on the generosity of volunteers and individuals who contribute photographs to be archived. The main mission of the Arkansas Gravestones Project is to capture and archive digital images of ever gravestone in every county in Arkansas. As the years pass the inscriptions on many gravestones become difficult, if not impossible, to read. This results in a loss of so much information that may or may not exist anywhere else. Archiving theses images is a wonderful means of preserving these important records and simultaneously assisting genealogist who use this valuable information to help expand their family trees. The Arkansas Gravestone Project has just over 467,000 photos stored on the site and growing daily.

I am proud to say I have added about 8,000 photos to the site and adding more all the time. Connecting with this group has also connected me with a whole group of people who share the same interest in cemeteries that I have. So if you are interested in a group of this nature there are twenty-four states that have similar website:

Arkansas -
Arizona -
Colorado -
Florida -
Idaho -
Illinois -
Iowa –
Louisiana –
Maine –
Massachusetts –
Maryland -
Nebraska –
New Jersey –
New Mexico –
New York –
North Dakota –
Ohio –
Oklahoma –
Oregon -
Pennsylvania –
South Dakota –
Texas –
Utah –
Virginia –

So don't just delete the photos you have. There is a place for them that will help preserve the information on them. Just look around on the web and see what you can find. The USGenweb ( site is a good place to start looking.


  1. What a great idea. I hadn't thought about it before, Tammi.

  2. For Nebraska tombstones, I would recommend the site maintained by the Nebraska State Genealogical Society which uses the same software as the sites you've mentioned. It is:

    And never forget which probably has more tombstone photos than any other site.

  3. Unused? I had to laugh. I started photographing in 2004 to preserve them. I take many photos in a cemetery. Where I live I am photograping all - or hope to get at least 52 of our 55 done. While a small number make it to my blog I use the rest in online albums. Hopefully someone will find a treasure among them. I think we will see more online sites like the ones you mentioned and Find-a-Grave as time goes on.

  4. A great idea! Too bad there isn't one for Wisconsin, but there's one for Pennsylvania and those are my two main states for research! Thanks!