Sunday, March 13, 2011

Minnie's Betrayal

Located at Temperance Hill Cemetery in Osage Mills, AR.
1889 - 1931

While posting this photo to Find-A-Grave I came across this sad story and wanted to share it. You can view the Find-A-Grave memorial HERE.

The following story is by/from Pixie Owens♥Huntley a Find-A-Grave member. ( , Mar 13, 2011)
"Minnie Hensley was the precious daughter of John Baxter and Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Tate Hensley of Osage Mills, Arkansas. Minnie was the sixth out of eight children ~ Minnie had three brothers and four sisters ~ James Baxter "Jim" Hensley, Ella Hensley (Rash), John Mitchell Hensley, Grace Emaline Hensley (Morris), Melvia Willie Hensley (Chenoweth), Iva Lee Hensley (Minnie and Ivy never married), and little Mike B. Hensley.

Minnie's mother died after a brief illness and quietly and peacefully passed from this earthly tabernacle, when Minnie was seven years old. Minnie's younger sister Iva Lee had brain fever when she was small, and had some brain damage, so Minnie helped take care of her. My Pawpaw Jeff Chenoweth had a older half-brother who's name was Randolph Coker. He had a wife and children and lived in Texas. Randolph came to Healing Springs to visit my Pawpaw Jeff and Granny Melvia but didn't bring his wife and kids along. While he was visiting he met Granny's younger sister Minnie. Minnie had always stayed at home, helped her daddy with house work, cooking and taking care of Ivy. Randolph was several years older than Minnie, and just absolutely swept little Minnie off her feet, charmed her and made her have feeling's she had never known possible. She was very, very naive and fell head over heels in love with Randolph, and of course he told Minnie he shared the same feeling's for her, and that he was very unhappy at his home in Texas. Randolph promised Minnie when he went back to Texas, he was divorcing his wife, and coming back to Arkansas to marry her. Thing's sure aren't always what they seem. Randolph went back to his wife and Texas, broke his promise to my Aunt Minnie, he never returned. Her little heart was so broken, she jumped in their well, and killed herself. Her family looked for her for days, then one day they took the Mules over to the well for a drink, they backed up and wouldn't drink the water. They knew then our precious Minnie was at the bottom of the well. Minnie's little body was found April 1, 1931. Pawpaw said when they came and told them the news about Minnie, Granny fell on the floor and started screaming. Our Sweet and Precious Aunt Minnie was 42 years old. The man in the picture holding Minnie's hand is Randolph Coker."

The only information I could find on Randolph was his death date. This info is from

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000 about Randolph Madison Coker
Name: Randolph Madison Coker
Death Date: 2 Jan 1949
Death County: Denton
Certificate: 9477


  1. Now that is a very sad story. I am quite choked by it! Poor Minnie.

  2. What an amazing story, poor Minnie.
    The things women do for love !

    1. I'm confused, wondering, was Randal married with children or a man who lost his son and then became a widower from TX? Did he go back to his wife he said he wanted to divorce or did he go back to TX and then get married? The memorial of 2001 at Find A Grave doesn't match with the blog of 2011. Maybe more research should be completed on this. Either, SO SAD for Minnie.

  3. I have some updates to make but my computer is down. So the story has been corrected by the family. So the fInd a grave one is correct.

  4. Oh,THANK YOU! I knew there had to be something like that with Find A Grave accurate. They are very meticulous and I have read many of her memorials over time and she is good with words. Your blog is excellent! My husband and I were waiting for an appt. and he showed it to me. Our hearts just break for this woman Minnie! Blessed be!