Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ceramic Photos - Couples

The following are all ceramic photos of couples I have come across. I am only posting the ones that appear more vintage because I could fill a whole album if I posted all that I have found.  Theses are some of the best vintage ones I have come across.

Avis Eileen McBride
April 10, 1917 - May 10, 1990
Married June 3, 1939
A.C. "Mac" McBride
July 28, 1904 - Aug 14, 1983

Located at Berryville Memorial Park Cemetery in Berryville, AR.

Easther L Beck
1886 - 1976
Clarence A Beck
1886 - 1940

Located at Horner Cemetery in Cassville, MO.

Linda Lou Phillips
June 21, 1943 - Sept 27, 2008
Married Feb 2, 1964
Bobby Gene Phillips
June 6, 1940 - May 21, 2005

Located at Howell Cemetery in Prairie Grove, AR. 

Delvin Alva Jenkins
Aug 25, 1919 - Mar 6, 1982

Located at Prairie Grove Cemetery in Prairie Grove, AR.

Betty Lou Smith
Mar 12, 1934 - Aug 28, 2010
Married Jan 9, 1954
Duward "Dude" E Smith
Dec 2, 1928 - Mar 25, 2007

Located at Rose Cemetery in Prairie Grove, AR.

Loyd Walker
1903 - 1960
Opal Walker
1906 - 1989

Located at West Fork Cemetery in West Fork, AR

John Henry Stubbs
Feb 22, 1936 - Still Alive
Married Oct 6, 1957
Patty Sue Stubbs
Sept 17, 1939 - May 29, 2006

Located at Centerton Cemetery in Centerton, AR.

Henry Welytok
July 17, 1926 - Feb 23, 2003
Married July 24, 1951
Jean Welytok
Dec 22, 1929 - Sept 21, 1998

Located at Maplewood Cemetery in Harrison, AR.


  1. Great finds!

    How ironic! I have some recent ones in my pending file. I love finding them. When they are for children it just breaks my heart. Gonna schedule mine to post soon. I did an article on the GYR Journal about them a while back.

  2. I guess it's okay for black and white, really old pictures... but modern gravestones with color pics of people creep me the hell OUT. Might be better if they just had a little hollowed-out place in the stone where a photo album could be kept chained to a ring or something... I don't like looking at a gravestone and seeing someone looking back. 8-)

  3. Gale - I remeber that article. It was very well done. Can't wait to see your post.

    Marcheline - The photos that wierd me out are the ones that when you see them all you can think is "Why would anyone put that on their headstone?" I have seen some really bad photos on headstones and me personally I wouldn't want to even put it on one if it wasn't a good photo.

  4. I agree with Tammi, about the choice of photo that is chosen to represent you. But I suppose it's the family that make the decision of what was a 'good' picture of you, or in some cases the only photo they have.
    I'm not going to have one, but if I did, I'd choose it before hand and leave instructions.......