Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Baby Girls...

Located at Shady Grove Cemetery in Springdale, AR.
Three baby girls, so they say, their names unknown,
Were laid to rest in this space many years ago.
Three guardian pine trees were set near by.
To watch over those who slept below.
And God sent a family who, with love and great care,
Tended the area and the graves that were there;
Roses were planted, the grass was mowed,
The trees were watered and they watched them grow,
Then as the years passed and time took its toll,
The family and and the trees began to grow old.
Mother Nature took the trees, and God took the souls.
Now the family watches through windows of gold,
To them we dedicate these three new pine tress,
That God has provided from tiny seeds
And we pray that all who tread in this precious space
Shall surely know that the presence of God is in this place.
In Loving Memory of
Gunter Brooks 1883 - 1960
Lucille P. Brooks 1906 - 1986
Jim "J.B." Brooks 1935 - 1996

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