Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Makes Me Say Hmmm...

Located at Beaty Cemetery in Beaty, AR.
Delpha J. Beaty
Dau of
F.M. and M.J. Beaty
 Jan. 13, 1878 d. Nov. 1, 1879 

Here is where the part comes in that makes me say hmmm.  I photographed the above stone myself so I know for a fact it is located at Beaty Cemetery.  In my search for information on this little girl I came across the following that says she is buried in Rogers Cemetery in Rogers, AR.  The two cemeteries are roughly 42 miles apart. Now days that would take about an hour to drive.  But in 1879 it would take a whole lot longer. (According to my gps on my iphone walking this distance would take 13 hours.)  So here is the mystery, where is she actually buried.

The following is from The City of Rogers website.


  1. I have a similar situation in Indiana. The stone is at one cemetery but the records say the burial was in another cemetery a few miles away. Very frustrating!

  2. Can you contact someone regarding the database? That is what I would do. I wonder if that headstone was purchased from Sears. They offered one like that. I have seen only one like that here in my county.

    You do a great job in researching what you share. I always look forward to visiting your blog!

  3. Thanks Gale,
    I tried the one online is having issues but I plan on trying again when it's working. I have a few pics of a similar stone and it's quite possible it came from sears. I have a ton of sears tombstone ads I need to blog ;-).

    Yes it is flustrationg.