Friday, March 25, 2011

Cemetery Art - Article For The Graveyard Rabbit Journal

Cemetery Art
Cemetery Art is one of my favorite types of photographs to take. I should probable say make because, once I have taken the photographs I upload them into various photo editing programs and make them look like completely different photos. This is, to me, a huge part of making photographs into great art.

The two editing programs I use the most are Photoshop's Lightroom and Picasa3. Picasa3 is a free download from Google that you can find at

Here is an example of a before and after of a photograph I have taken.

This is the original photograph I took of an item left on an infants grave in the Rogers City Cemetery. Sweet trinket to leave but nothing spectacular about this photograph.

The following are a few of the pictures I created in the editing programs from the original photo.

So for all of those who love taking pictures get out there and play with the photographs you take and see what else you can create with them. One never knows when a photograph will turn into an “amazing” photograph.


  1. One of my favorite things to do with a boneyard photo (best with a marble stone/statue) is up the contrast and then skew the color and saturation way to one side or the other - violent aqua angels and acid purple lilies are amazing!

  2. I'm just learning to do this kinda thing with my pictures, It's rather addictive, I'm limited in my computer knowledge though and that makes it a bit hit or miss....

  3. Can someone please give me a website, number of where I could get a statue like this. Thank you.