Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Little Guy Was Visiting Too

This Little Northern Mockingbird was hanging out at Shady Grove Cemterey while I was there taking pics.  Couldn't help but snap a picture of him.  Cemteries are great place to photograph birds.
According to the Encyclopedia of Birds of North America, the number of birds' songs that the mockingbird can imitate is 39, along with frogs, crickets and squeaks of items such as squeaking gates. It has been theorized that the mockingbird has more brain matter devoted to song memory than most other birds do.

Links about the Northern Mockingbird:

If your interested in some folklore about Mockingbirds here are a few links:

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  1. I love mockingbirds, and their "second cousins" the catbirds, who also know a whole cadre of bitchin' songs... and I'm glad they both live as far north as New York, so I can sit in my garden and listen to them!