Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nicest Box Tomb I've Found

I found this beautiful box tomb at Stuckey Cemetery in Johnson, AR.  I must say this is one of the nicest box tombs I have found so far.  I think it may even be the first truly carved one I have found.

This flower is carved on all four corners of the top panel. I believe it is suppose to be a dogwood flower. The dogwood flower represents Resurrection, sacrifice, and eternal life.

In Memory
Pammelia A Cox
Dec 15, 1838
Feb 8, 1876

I love that the carvings go all the way down and not just on the top panel.
To me it looks like the two end pieces were carved then the two side panels were not.

It is so hard to get good pictures of the top part when you are short.
And to think I almost didn't explore this section of the cemetery.  It was hot and time was running out. But I thought what the heck I will make one quick run through the back section.  And there sat this beautiful tomb I almost missed.  So glad I decided to go on to the back.

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  1. Hi Tammi,
    I agree with you, it's so frustrating to get a really good shot of box tombs, they never seem to appear the same as when you are there looking at them.
    But I have to say that you did a really good job of this one......