Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Little Graveyard Bunny And Our Trip To Ruddick Cemetery

My little one asked me the other day if we could go out and wander around a cemetery together.  Of course I said heck yeah. So we headed out to Ruddick and Union Chapel Cemetery in Garfield, AR.
 Here are a few interesting pics I took.
Here she is taking down names and dates. I love this picture! How could I not when two of my favorite things come together in a photograph?
This particular stone was really neat.  I will show it better in my next post. 

We thought these two looked like fairy rings around the unknown grave markers. 

I look at this one every time I go to Ruddick Cemetery because its such and interesting and unique marker.  Just wish I knew who resided beneath it.

The way this cemetery is laid out it has Ruddick Cemetery in the Front and Union Chapel Cemetery is in the very back part. This is the bell that marks the beginning of Union Chapel Cemetery.
Union Chapel Cemetery
Graves from Beaver Lake reservoir moved here August 1961
Bell purchased in 1902 for church and school in Mundell
Community relocated as a memorial July 1966.

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  1. That community was relocated exactly 5 months before I was born.