Thursday, June 30, 2011

Battle Of Baxter Springs Memorial

The federal government originally planned to move the soldiers who died during the Battle of Baxter Springs to the Springfield National Cemetery, but the citizens of Baxter Springs started a petitioned to keep them in Baxter Springs. As part of the agreement to keep the burials in the city they donated land to the government and agreed to keep the graves in good order.

This monument was erected in 1886 and was fabricated by Mitchell Granite Works of Quincy, Massachusetts, costing $4,000.  It stands over 20 feet high and is topped by a marble statue of a Union soldier.

This monument is located at Baxter Springs Cemetery in Baxter Springs, Kansas.
This sign is located near the sidewalk that leads up to the monument.
It reads:
Civil War Tour
In 1870-71, the victims of the
attack on Fort Blair and the
Battle of Baxter Springs were
disinterred from a site near
the fort and reinterred in this
newly designed national
cemetery plot, officially
National Cemetery #2.

On the four sides of this monument are the following engravings.
Erected by the United States to the
memory of the officers and soldiers killed in
the Battle of Baxter Springs, October 6, 1863.
And other engagements in this vicinity, who are
buried near this monument, and whose names,
so far as known, are inscribed hereon.
Chaplin Ozem B. Gardner
13th Kansas Infantry
14th Kansas Calvary
T.B. Long
E.B. Sharp
J.A. Baker
Elias Way
G.W. Tracy
Jno. Welsh
Jesse Gay
D.S. Elliott
M.M. Stanly
Thos Kelly
W.T. Collins
Theo Tracy
Thos Martin
Thos. Morgan
Alex Miller
J.T. Cardwell
SGT. Theo Wade
Zimri Piercey
Henry Stuttee
SGT. Geo. Keith
Owen Donnelly
Dan’l Sullivan
CORPL W.G. Martin
79th U.S. C.T.
CORPL Bedford Green
3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
LIEUT. Lorenzo A. Dixon
LIEUT. Asa W. Farr
W.C. Clark
T.R. Leach
John Davis
Wm. Lloyd
Geo. W. Tice
F.A. Martin
Saml. Hart
Wm. Hopper
G.R. Kelley
David Beam
C.O. Howard
Jno. Zaynor
SGT. C.K. Bly
Jno. Wright
Jno. Cannon
Alfd. Green
Wm. Gifford
J.S. Russell
O.H. Shaffer
A.A. Bennett
Henry Pond
Lincoln Rice
P.T. Stimpson
Dennis Smith
Frank Guldin
Robt Murphy
Henry Brewer
Dennis McMary
Marion Record
James Dempsey
Jos. Burlingame
Stephen Gallea
Fredk. Mossinger
Martin Vanduzen
Francis Vancamp
Abraham Woodhull

Brigade Band
M. Muser
Jno. Fritz
Swartk Ouis
 SGT. T.L. Davis
Frank La Rue
Geo. Gemunder
Franz Balloun
Henry Pellage
SGT Henry Bulow
Frank Rossmaith
SGT J.P.M. Madison
CORPL Nathan Nott
CORPL Fredk. Simon
CORPL Theo. Luscher
J.R. O'Neil
Jos Regner
Chas Wood
Thos Clary
Geo. Holman
Jno. McClure
Remel Wood
J.C. Lowbower
Holas Cowery
Henry Remble
Martin Housel

2nd Kansas Battery
CORPL Van R Hancock
A.W. Gaines
Thos Larkin
Joseph Endicott
Cameron Garrett
9th Kansas Calvary
LIEUT A.T.T. Spencer
Geo A. Ela
J.M. Barrow
Peter Schafer
2nd Ohio Cavalry
Enoch Summers
Roman Winchell
83rd U.S. C.T.
Chas. Allen
9th Wisconsin Infantry
Ludwig Salzwedell
12th Kansas Infantry
Jno. Moore
15th Kansas Cavalry
CORPL W.J. Wallace

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ahh Babies!

Came across these beauties while out looking for cemeteries in Madison County Arkansas.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Century Club: Benjamin H Hulbert 105

Located at Hulbert Cemetery in Hulbert, OK.
Benjamin H. Hulbert
Dec 16, 1950
Age 105 years

Benjamin H. Hulbert
While going through the narrow
vale between the peaks of eternity.
He stopped along the way and
founded this community.

The only information I could find on this gentleman was that he founded Hulbert Oklahoma and he was a prominent Cherokee Indian.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Outside The Fence

As I was leaving Park Hill Cemetery in Park Hill, OK I spotted this little grave site.  I wonder why she is buried outside the fence?  It's a very large, well kept cemetery and she appears to be the only one buried outside the fence.

Emma Jean Carloss Mckee
Aug 18, 2006 - Aug 18, 2006

Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Escaping Junk Mail

I wonder what the purpose of this is? Do you think their loved ones come and check to see if they have mail? I am all in favor of making grave sites reflect the individuals personality. Although some times I am left scratching my head in wonder.
Rev Louis-I-Virgie Mcafee
Gloryland Lane
Until We Meet Again

Friday, June 24, 2011


My first thought when I seen this was, are they afraid someone else might get buried in this plot? Not sure why this was done but its a bit amusing.
Locate at Lowell Cemetery in Lowell, KS.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Ross Plot

Ross Cemetery at Park Hill, OK.
This is the historical marker located near the front of the cemetery
It reads:

Ross Cemetery began in 1842 with the burial of John McDonald Ross, so of Lewis and Frances Ross and the nephew of Cherokee Principle Chief John Ross. He was 21 years old at the time of his death and had returned home after graduating as valedictorian from Princeton University in New Jersey. The land, which became Ross Cemetery, was given to him and on his deathbed he requested that he be buried there. His gravestone is an ornate monument with a broken column meant to represent his shortened life.

Over the years, members of the Ross family and other notable Cherokees joined him in this final resting place on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful valley and creek. Most members of the Ross family are interred in an area enclosed by a limestone and iron fence. Originally, the four corners were topped with lead spheres, but these were scavenged during the Civil War to make bullets. Some of the finials were taken as well and are still missing today. There are fourteen marked graves inside the enclosure.

Probably the most notable person buried in Ross Cemetery is John Ross, Principle Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828 to 1866. John Ross led his people through some of their darkest days as a tribe, including the forced relocation, known as the Trail of Tears, and the Civil War. Ross died in Washington, D.C., in 1866 and was buried next to his wife in Delaware. In 1867, the Cherokee National Council had his body moved to Ross Cemetery and erected a tall granite obelisk to mark his resting place. A cast bronze marker on his grave commemorates his service in the War of 1812.

In 2001, it was estimated there were 531 known graves in the cemetery, some of which are unmarked. Many of the graves hold descendants of John Ross and his siblings, tenant farmers of the Ross estate, or members of the surrounding community. The graves are arranged in irregular rows running north to south and are oriented from east to west.

Notable Cherokee graves in the cemetery include:

Lewis Ross – Brother of Principle Chief John Ross, Lewis was a member of the Cherokee Nation executive and judicial branches at various times in his career. His grave is inside the Ross family enclosure and is marked with a metal plaque commemorating his journey over the Trail of Tears.

Riley Keys – A Cherokee Old Settler who came west to Indian Territory before the Trail of Tears, Keys established a farm in the area. At various times he served the Nation as Executive Councilor of the Cherokee Senate, a Supreme Court justice and also a chief justice. His gravestone bears a Masonic emblem. He is buried beside his wife, Minerva, who came to Indian Territory during the forced removal.

Reverend Walter A. Duncan – Born in the Cherokee Nation in the East, Duncan came along the Trail of Tears at age 12. He became a Methodist minister and a teacher. During the Civil War, he was a circuit rider. He helped organize and served as superintendent of the Cherokee National Orphanage. He also served on several delegations to Washington.

Kate A. L. C. Duncan – The wife of Reverend Walter A. Duncan, she taught at the Cherokee Orphanage and at the Cherokee Female Seminary. She was appointed the first regent of Indian Territory for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and a cast bronze marker is on her grave commemorates this honor.

Mary Golda Ross – Mary Ross was the first female engineer hired by aeronautical giant Lockheed Aircraft. During her long career, she helped develop military planes, conducted aerospace research, participated in space technology, helped plan manned trips to Venus, Mars, and other planets, and helped build missile defense. Her research was instrumental in the development of the Agena rockets, the first successfully launched space vehicle and forerunner of the Apollo program.

Other Trail of Tears survivors buried in Ross Cemetery include:

Benjamin Cooper King, Andrew Ross Nave, Eliza Jane Ross, George Washington Ross, Nannie Otterlifter Ross, Jane Meigs Ross Nave, Elizabeth Ross, John Golden Ross, and Minerva Nave Keys.

Ross Cemetery is still used as a burial ground today; with the newer graves located around the periphery of the cemetery.

This is the original Ross plot that is located in the center of the Ross Cemetery in Park Hill, OK.

The following are those that reside inside this plot.

(Front Panel)
John McDonald Ross
Son of
Lewis and Frances Ross
Nephew of
John Ross,
Head Principle of the Cherokee Nation.
A Graduate of the College
at Princeton N.J.
(Back Panel)
Near Calhoun, Tenn.
Nov 15th 1820
Sept 19th 1841
Aged 21 years 9 months

In this photo you can see some of the missing finials along the top of the fence.
son of
William P. and Mary J.
Born April 19, 1852
Died April 3, 1853

George Murrell
son of
Wm P. and Mary J.
Sept 25, 1859
Aug 27, 1860

(On Left)
son of
Robert and
Caroline F. Ross
Born September 27, 1853
Died September 23, 1854

(On Right)
My Little
Born February 26, 1852
Died September 3, 1852

Note: Ida is the daughter of John Ross and Louisa Catherine Means Ross.

Wife of Lewis Ross
Born June 1, 1789
Died Oct 12, 1860

Lewis Ross
Feb'y 26, 1796
Febuary 15, 1870

(On Left)
Frances Daniel Thornton
Wife of
Robert Bruce
Nov 17, 1847
Dec 31, 1928

(On Right)
Robert Ross
1 SGT Co F
2 Indian
Home Guard
Kans. Inf
Aug 18,1845
May 12, 1930

Theses two photos are of Fannie and Robert Ross.
Photos contributed by Robert Bruce Ross IV.

Walter E. Duncan
1880 - 1958

Note: He married Frances "Fannie" Vann Ross.

Frances Ross Duncan
1879 - 1938

Note: Daughter of Robert Bruce (Bob) Ross and Fannie Daniel Thornton

To the Memory of
wife of George M. Murrell
and daughter of
Lewis and Frances Ross
Who departed this life
January 14, 1855
Aged 36 years 11 months
and 19 days
This is a portrait of Minerva Murrell.

Fanny Ross
wife of
F.H. Nash
Oct 24, 1844
Sept 13, 1873

Anne Ross Piburn
Apr 4, 1892 - Nov 26, 1960

Note: Daughter of Robert Bruce Ross and Fannie Daniel Thornton Ross.
 She married in 1921 in Germany, Gen. Edwin William Piburn.
Portrait of Anne Piburn.
Photo contributed by Robert Bruce Ross IV.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ceramic Photos - Couples From Baxter Springs

All these ceramic photos and markers are from Baxter Springs Cemetery in Baxter Springs, KS.

1873 - 1929
Founder of the Apostolic Faith Movement

Note: His family, fearing that someone would damage his grave, buried him with a small stone marker that did not even include his name. Years later a memorial was put up by friends.

Sarah E. Parham
1877 - 1937
Co - Founder
Of the Apostolic Faith Movement

 Lula A Parham
1898 - 1972

Claude W. Parham
1897 - 1941

Note: Claude is the son of Charles Fox Parham and Sarah E. (Thistlethwaite) Parham.

Rev. Lester Easley
1904 - 1951

Nora Easley
1905 - 2007

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ceramic Photos - The Carmack Children

Located at Lowell Cemetery in Lowell, KS.
Ethel Imogene
Sept 27, 1924 - Aug 1927

Jimmie Dean
Dec 7, 1928 - Oct 24, 1933

The gates of heaven opened wide.
When angels came one day.
And took our precious darlings home.
To live with Christ always.

The parents of these two children were John William Carmack (1898 - 1936) and Opal M Gilmore Carmack (1906 - 1978). Both are also buried at this cemetery.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ceramic Photos - 1930s

Located at Hill Crest Cemetery in Galena, KS
Otis Goberley
1897 - 1930

John C. Booe
Mar 30, 1873 - June 30, 1932

His full name was Rev. John Cutler Booe. He was married to Martha Buchanan Boone.  His WWI draft card describes him as 5'5", Blue eyes and brown hair. He was a reverend for eleven years. In that time he co-founded the Smelterhill Gospel Workers Church, a Pentecostal Church devoted to the mine workers, the poor and the elderly of the area. In 1901 he co-founded a branch for the same church in Joplin, MO. called First Gospel Workers of Joplin.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nearly Lost But Saved - Horsley Cemetery

Horsley Cemetery, established in 1873 last burial 1912, is located on the corner of Dixieland and Persimmon in Rogers, AR. It is a sad little cemetery that was nearly lost at one time.  Even thou it sits on the corner of a very busy street, for a number of years, you would have never known it was there. It was vandalized leaving many of the stones in pieces. At times the grass and weeds were so tall you couldn't tell it was a cemetery. Until it was cleaned up in 1982 - 1983.  From that point on it has been well mowed and maintained.  The stones have never been repaired but a Restoration Stone was placed with a burial list near the gate. This stone contains most of the names but not all that are buried here.  Many of the names on the list have markers and many do not.  I also found a few stones whose name was not on the list.

Horsley Cemetery
Restored 1982  1983
Lest We Forget

ARENDALE, RICHARD Dec 5, 1802 Apr 10, 1883
BREEZE, MARTHA E. Dau of J.E. and S.A.Sep 29, 1877 Oct 22, 1877 
BURGER, JANE Dau of Eli and Lettia Jan 13, 1876 Nov 17, 1885
DOUGLAS, FANNIE 1854 Jan 2, 1873
DOUGLAS, MARSHAL Husb of R.L. May 22, 1805 May 13, 1873 
GOODHEART, MATILDA Jun 30, 1836 Jun 9, 1912
HORSLEY, NANCY S. 1805 1878
HORSLEY, SIMEON S. 1825 1894
REESE, EMME  Died A 9, 1882 Age 36 years
REESE, VERGIL S of J.H. and E. Died Dec 9, 1881 Age 3 m 28 d
SHORT, JENNIE Wife of M. June 10, 1830 July 9, 1880
C.W.S (Footstone only)
WILLIAMSON, ARTHUR Dec 28, 1837 Dec 28, 1894
WILSON, ALFRED S of G.E. and M.E. Sep 19, 1881 Oct 9, 1881 

These are all the stones in this cemetery.
Martha E
Dau of
J.E. and S.A.
Sept 29, 1877
Oct 22, 1877

Nora Jane
Dau of
Eli and Lettia
Jan 13, 1876
Nov 15, 1885

Mary J.
Wife of
David Calbert
Mar 9, 1837
Mar 22, 1885
Note: Note listed on the Restoration Stone.
Daughter of
J. Z. & M. J.
May 27, 1886
June 27, 1886
Note: Note listed on the Restoration Stone.
Born 1854
Jan 2 ,1873

Rebecca L
Wife of
Marshal Douglas
Dec 11, 1815
Dec 21, 1885
Note: Note listed on the Restoration Stone.

June 30, 1836
Jun 9, 1912

Wm Burrell
1800 - 1885
Nancy S
1805 - 1878
Simeon S
1825 - 1894

Wife of
I. H. Reese
Apr 2, 1882
Aged 36 years

Son of
E. and I. Reese
Dec 9, 1881
Aged 3 M 28 Ds


Note: The first name is all that is left that is legible.

Arthur Williamson
Dec 28, 1837 - Dec 28, 1894

The following are unknown.

Born Oct 1, 1856 - Died July 24, 1890