Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dedicated Medical Family

Located at Friendship Cemetery in Springdale AR.

Lucy Sims Sisco
June 11, 1889 - Mar 24, 972

Crandale P. Sisco M.D.
Nov 4, 1886 - Aug 24, 1948

With purity and
Holiness I will
Pass my life
And practice my art.
From oath of Hippocrates

Helen Vierheller Sisco
Apr 21, 1916 - Mar 28, 1985

Friedman Sisco M.D.
Aug 12, 1913 - June 9, 1978

In Memory of
Helen Vierheller Sisco
Who was born in San Antonio, Texas
on April 21, 1916. Her life was devoted
to the art and science of the healing
professions she was the daughter of a
dentist, a registered nurse, married a dedicated
physician, and raised two sons who became
 doctors of medicine.

In Memory of
F Sisco M.D.
He was born in Osage, Arkansas
Aug 12, 1913. Was graduated from
 the University of Ark school of
medicine June 7, 1937. He was the
father of two sons, Charles P. Sisco M.D.,
and Kenneth L. Sisco, M.D. He was sincerely
dedicated to his profession.

In Memory of
C P Sisco M.D.
Who was born in Osage, Arkansas
Nov 4 1886. Was graduated from
 the University of Ark school of
medicine May 6, 1911 and was married
to Lucy Sims May 11, 1911. He won
 deep affection and respect during
his years of devoted service.

In Memory of
Lucy Sims Sisco
who was born in Compton, Arkansas
June 11, 1889 Her life was devoted
to her church, to her family, and
she was an untiring and faithful
assistant to her husband and son in
 their practice of medicine.

There is a photo and brief write up on Lucy and C.P. at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History.

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  1. Wow! Talk about dedication! Pretty cool shaped monument, as well.