Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bright Murders

I have been trying to find information on this sad story for some time but have been unable to find much.  The following is all I have found.  If you have any info you would like to add about this post please feel free to either post a comment or if you wish to remain anonymous email me at To protect the privacy of the living, any person named, will not be posted unless there is a specific document or web link that can be cited. I'm more interested in the story then at pointing fingers.

Information from Find-A-Grave.
Bobby was shot to death along with his sister, Carol, and his mother, Jewell, by his own brother. He was the son of Earl and Jewel Bright, and was born in Bentonville, AR. After killing his mother, brother and sister, the 12-year-old sibling shot himself in the left side of his chest. He survived. The boy told authorities that he became angry when his mother ordered him to go out and round up the cattle. (His father was hospitalized at this time, having been injured in a farming accident). Bobby was survived by his father, Earl; his grandfather, Robert L. McGaugh of Springdale, AR; two uncles, John V. and Melvin L. McGaugh of Springdale; and an aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Rivers of Chattanooga, TN.
Located at Hart Cemetery in Bentonville, AR.
Jewell Irene
Oct 11, 1922 - Nov 26, 1957

Bobby Don
Jan 18, 1955 - Nov 26, 1957

Carol Lynn
Jan 28, 1953 - Nov 26, 1957


Thank you LaDonna for sending me the following newspaper clips.

Date: 1957-11-26  Paper: Marietta Journal 

Date: 1957-11-27; Paper: Oregonian



  1. Such a sad story, I had to look this up. I found articles posted of the event on GenealogyBank from the Oregonian dated November 27, 1957 and the Marietta Journal (Georgia) dated November 26, 1957.

  2. Ladonna could you send me links? Please. Thanks.

  3. Or even email me copies of the info would be ok.

  4. Hi Tammie, here is the link to the database search.

    There seems to be a tech issue with the site view to articles but hopefully will fix soon. I can forward if you like.

  5. Could you please email me the documents. Sadly it's a paid site and I wish I could afford to pay for all the sites but alas I am just a poor nail tech :-) Thanks for the help!

  6. No problem at all. Thanks for the headstones! :)

  7. So glad you finally found the info on this. I know you were looking for info for over a year. So nice of LaDonna. It is a very sad story..

  8. My maiden name is Bright. My father used to tell me this story. Out of boredom, I looked it up and came upon your site. Are you related to the Bright family?

  9. No I am not related to this family. I just happened across the headstones and went in search as to why all the death dates were the same. If you would like to add any information please email me at