Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raupp Monument

Located at Pierce City Cemetery in Pierce City, MO.
Wife of
C.A. Raupp
Born Dec 21, 1848
Died Mar 16, 1886

From "A Reprint of Goodspeed's 1888 History of Lawrence County; Reprint Lawrence County Section of Goodspeed's Newton, Lawrence, Barry And McDonald Counties History; published by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., in 1888; Reprinted by Litho Printers Of Cassville, Missouri In 1973." as transcribed by JJR.
Pages 246-247:

C. A. RAUPP, furniture dealer and undertaker, and manufacturer of lime at Peirce City, Mo., was born in Baden, Germany, May 4, 1845. His parents, G. F. and Elizabeth RAUPP, were born in Germany also, and were the parents of ten children. C. A. Raupp was educated in Baden, and there learned the cabinet maker's trade. At the age of twenty-one he came to the United States and settled in Cumberland, Md., but afterward located in Sandusky, Ohio, where he married Louise SEUFERT, October 5, 1867. She was also born in Baden. After his marriage he moved to Peirce City, Mo., and engaged in his present business. February 10, 1879, he began manufacturing lime, his kilns having a capacity of 250 barrels every twenty-four hours. He is one of the progressive and enterprising citizens of the county, and takes great interest in educational matters. He has been secretary of the school board for five years, and is a well-informed and well-to-do citizen. He has the pioneer furniture house of Peirce City, which is yielding him a lucrative competency. He has three children: William, Clara and Nellie

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  1. I am wondering if this is the father of Captain, now General Will Raupp, enlisted when Spanish American War began, with five other young men from Mt. Vernon, Mo.