Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Captain My Captain

I found this wonderful marker in Pierce City Cemetery located in Pierce City, MO.  This elaborate of a marker is rather rare for my area so I was pleasantly surprised to find him. I would have guessed he was ranked as a General or higher but he was only a Captain.  Here's the information I was able to find on Captain E.P. Linzee:

Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Arkansas
Regiment Name: 12 Arkansas Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 12th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
Company: H
Rank In: Sergeant
Rank In Expanded: Sergeant
Rank Out: Captain
Rank Out Expanded: Captain
Alternate Name: E.P./Lindsay
Film Number: M376 roll 14
Served as Missouri State Legislator in 1882.
Served as Circuit Clerk for Lawrence County MO 1874-76.
Served as Corresponding Secretary for the American Bible Society in Lawrence Co MO. 1859.

Here is the full stone.  Sadly he is positioned near a rather unsightly house that is next to the cemetery.


  1. Yes, wonderful. And there's something touchingly humble, paradoxically enough (given that a monument this expensive has an element of vainglory) - his relatively small stature, the arms relaxed at his side. He actually stands witness to what he believed.

    Thank you so much for this!