Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Genealogist's Dream Stone

I found this stone in Beaver Cemetery in Beaver, AR.  This is the most detailed family info I have ever seen on a stone.
It reads:
A soldier of the Union
A soldier of the Cross

Samuel Lundy The 2
Born in Warren Co NJ Mar 24, 1817
Died Mar 29, 1913  At Beaver Carroll Co Ark
Son of George Lundy 2 and Rurh Adams
of George Lundy 1 and Esther Wilson
of Samuel Lundy 1 and Ann Schooley
of Richard Lundy 2 and Elizabeth Large
of Richard Lundy 1 and Jane Lyon
of Sylvester Lundy -
of Axminister England


  1. I NEVER get any breaks like that in my personal research. I have come across a few on my walks too. One was recent that I plan to post soon.

  2. I wish there were a lot more stones like this one, those block walls get hard when you run into them