Friday, April 9, 2010

Exploring Lawrence County MO

I have explored Lawrence County MO a number of times in the past year and have discovered a great deal of amazingly beautiful spots and stones.  My favorite would have to be the Trinity Lutheran Church cemetery in Freistatt.

Freistatt is often referred to as a village instead of a town.  It has a population around 194 people (per the 2008 census). It was the first German settlement in the area, settled in 1839.  And still retains a strong German influence. It also hosts a annual beer festival during the summer.

The cemetery was established in 1874. The burials in this cemetery were side by side in chronological order and not by family sections.  You will notice the German inscriptions in the older section of the cemetery. So be prepared to use the translators online.

My favorite markers in this cemetery are the iron crosses.  This is the only place I have seen them, so far.

Both of these crosses mark graves of the Voskamp family.  The craftmanship is very beautifully done.  If you have never seen iron crosses you are missing out on a real treat.

There is also an angel or two to be found in this cemetery.

(Hesemann Marker)

And an odd little person as well.

(Oscar Lampe marker)

Every trip I have made to this wonderful place I find something new and intriguing.  I hope to make a trip again to see what else I can find. 

Stop by and see what you can find.  You won't be disappointed.

Happy Gravin!


  1. Thank you for your lovely photos & comments. I visited this cemetery briefly last week and have blogged about it, too. I found your blog while trying to find a photo of the original church buildings. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

  2. @MHD I tried to respond on your blog post but for some reason it will not let me leave a comment. So I am responding here and hope that you see it because there is also no email address on your blog that I could send a response to.

    You can view a picture of the old church at this link. Hope that is what you were looking for.

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.