Sunday, November 27, 2011

Morgan Family

While walking through Blagg Cemetery This row of stones caught my eye.  All Six stones had the same inscription. Sadly none were given names.  So of course I had to go looking for answers.

Located at Blagg Cemetery in Siloam Springs, AR.
Member of
P. Morgan Family
1818 - 1891

Located near this row was this marker. So now we have a full name for "P. Morgan".
Perminter Morgan
June 19, 1818
Nov 6, 1891

According to Perminter was born in Mc Dowell, NC to Abner Morgan and Elizabeth Wilkerson Morgan. He married  Margaret Thomas about 1852. They had 11 children: Martha A Morgan (ca. 1852), James Morgan (1860), John Morgan (1855), Elizabeth L. Morgan (1860), Johnathan Wilson Morgan (1870), Mary "Bea" Morgan (1874), Abner Morgan (1857), Margaret Jane Morgan (1861), Elizabeth Betty Morgan (1854), Donald Dee Morgan (1874), and Joseph Jasper Morgan (1872).

Several of his children have headstones near him.
James Morgan
Mar 22, 1860 - Aug 28, 1860
Twin of Elizabeth L. Morgan

Elizabeth L. Morgan
Mar 22, 1860 - Sept 22, 1860
Twin of James Morgan

Donald Dee Morgan
June 11, 1874 - ca 1875
Twin of Mary Bea Morgan


  1. The Twin Gene was strong in their family. Does makes one wonder if the headstones were just erected later on so the other children's first names were unknown or what.

  2. I seems odd that some of the stones should have names, whilst others do not. It really makes you wonder who those graves belong to.
    From the childrens dates of birth, Margaret Morgan was having children for more than 22 years and maybe she had a few miscarriages along the way, perhaps that would account for the unnamed stones ?.