Monday, October 10, 2011

Another from Calvary

Located at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.
Sadly the ceramic photos are gone.
Nato 14 Sett 1859 (Born 14 Sept 1859)
Morto 23 Marzo 1921 (Dead 23 March 1921)
Nata 1857 (Born 1857)
Morta 24 Marzo 1924 (Dead 24 March 1924)

Note: This is written in Italian. Also note That the DOB and DOD on stone are different from his Death Certificate.

The following Death Certificates are from Missouri Digital Heritage.

Name: Antonio Pusateri
Married to: Rosalie Pusateri
Birth Date: June 15, 1852
Death Date: Feb 23, 1921
Occupation: Fruit Merchant
Birth Place: Italy
Father's Name: Andrea Pusateri
Date of Burial: Feb 26, 1921

Name: Rosalia Pusateri

Birth Date: Unknown
Death Date:March 24 1924
Birth Place: Italy
Father's Name: Vincent Mascari
Date of Burial: March 27, 1924

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