Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Forget To Look Inside

This heavy duty marker is located at Baxter Springs Cemetery in Baxter Springs, AR.
In loving memory
Latrisha Dawn Hessee
Born April 2, 1979
Passed May 29, 2008
With her unborn son
Philip Leon Wright II 
On the inside: 
Latrisha Dawn Hessee
On April 1st, 1979 we thought we were going to have an April Fool's baby, but we were fooled and Latrisha Dawn Hessee was born on April 2, 1979, at 1:17 pm. to Robert and Debra Hessee. Trisha was a beautiful baby, weighing 7 lbs. 12 ozs.

As time passed what a joy it was to dress her up in all the frills and lace that goes along with being a new baby girl. As she grew, Trish was all girl. She would play in her room for hours with her dolls. She would freed them, rock them and line them all up in a row in her bed to fo to sleep at night.

The first day of school arrived and she was eager to start. Then the second, and the third year playing with her new friends. Then middle school and high school. Sports became an important part of her life. She was active in basketball, track, softball, and cheerleading. Trish graduated from Baxter High School in 1997.

Trish received her Medical Transcriptionist diploma from Franklin Technology Institute.  Her journey took her to Wichita State University for two years. After moving home, Trisha became an employee with Empire District Electric, Joplin, MO, until she decided to take that step and move to Phoenix, AZ in 2002.

Trisha loved Phoenix, AZ, and decided she would like to have her own business. She purchase "A Sleek Tan" in 2004 and put her heart and soul into the business. She loved meeting new people and impacted many lives with her contagious smile, warmth and love for everyone she met. Trisha never met a stranger.

In 2007 Trisha met and fell in love with John Philip Wright. In February 2008, Trisha announced the news to John that where would be a little one coming in the months ahead. As excited as they both were to take a new step in raising their own family, joy suddenly turned to sadness. Trisha began to experience headaches, vomiting, dizziness, and lack of coordination. At the onset, we all assumed this was the pregnancy. But as time went on and as symptoms grew progressively more severe, we knew something else was wrong.

On April 1, 2008, Trish was taken to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. It was at that time she learned from an MRI, that she had not one, but three (3) brain tumors and was med flighted to St. Joseph's Barrow Institute, downtown Phoenix, AZ April 2, 2008. She celebrated her 29th birthday in the hospital.

On April 12, 2008 we sat down with the doctors and heard the news that surgery was scheduled for the following day. The doctors were going to target the large tumor with with surgery and follow up with treatment for the smaller tumors. Shortly afterwards, we received the grim news that the tumors were a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Brain Cancer.  Many decisions would need to be made concerning treatment and keeping the baby. Radiation was an option and Trish would be able to keep the baby and hopefully allow enough time to let the baby reach a viable age to delivery.

As the days passed, Trish grew weary and on may 29, 2008 at 2:06 am, God saw that she was getting tired and a cure was not to be, so He put His arms around her and whispered, "Come with Me". With tearful eyes we watched her fade away. A very loving and giving heart stopped beating and she flew up on the wings of angels to heaven. Trisha once again became a beautiful, strong, and healthy young lady with her beautiful, contagious smile holding her adorable son, Philip Leon Wright II, both in the arms of Jesus.

Our hearts are broken, many tears have fallen for we miss you so much. That day if seeing you again cannot come soon enough for us all. Forever in our hearts, and in our memory...

Until We Meet Again - All Our Love
Dad, Mom, & brother, Travis
John Wright and a host of family and friends.
Special Thank You to Blair Parker, Tony Sarri & Sherry Gill,
 & KMT Waterjet systems


  1. What a tragic story and a very detailed memorial.

  2. One of the most detailed stories I have found on a marker.